Why Choose the Oldford Team? Here are 5 reasons – let us tell you more when we get together…

1) Better tools


When you are ready to buy, the Oldford team can offer the edge through our automated systems such as automatic notifications. Automatic notifications of new listings, price changes to existing listings, and sold properties as it is happening – no more 24 hour delay to see it on the public sites. Don’t forget, that our large inventory of property listings also means that you can be first to know of properties that we are working with that will be coming to market in the days and weeks ahead of their MLS listing schedule. Add to this our extensive local knowledge of the region south of Ottawa and the pros and cons of certain areas and neighbourhoods, and it’s evident that we can fast track your knowledge of real estate to where it needs to be to help you make an informed decision. Need help outside of our area of expertise (different geographic area, professionals in system inspections, lenders, lawyers, etc)? We know where you can find it. Our 50+ years of combined experience benefits you through the resources and contacts at our Team’s fingertips.

Our market share speaks to our ability to use these tools to your benefit.


Let our marketing bring you to the forefront. In addition to the internet coverage that you would expect through our multiple websites, social media, and data tracking reviews, we still believe that more exposure = better exposure. Every marketing avenue we target is with the goal of getting the ever elusive Buyer engaged in conversation about your property. Real Estate paper publications at the grocery stores & gas stations, local newspapers for those passing through the area, exclusive local bank advertising, the only bricks & mortar office in the area to welcome Buyers, Sellers, and all those interested in real estate. How many Realtors can offer this local service? Our marketing efforts are made to reflect what we would hope for if we were selling our own properties.

Not much can beat market share dominance in terms of the ability of a real estate team to connect with potential Buyers. See these data sets (insert link to page with graphs) to see where our efforts will get your property. If you were shopping for a property, wouldn’t you call the market leader first? This market share allows us a greater contact and market reach with the general buying public, but also with our real estate peers.

Need help outside of our area of expertise (different geographic area, professionals in system inspections, lenders, lawyers, etc)? We know where you can find it. Our 50+ years of combined experience benefits you through the resources and contacts at our Team’s fingertips.

Our market share speaks to our ability to use these tools to your benefit.

2) Local Knowledge

Over 50+ combined years of experience on the Oldford Team and daily interactions with a localized market mean that we are at the front lines to see individual neighbourhood market conditions and effects. We can offer you our knowledge or the locations to find the industry buzz about your neighbourhood of choice. Our Team will help identify comparable sales with more than an examination of what’s on paper, but with first-hand knowledge of the comparable properties and use these facts for your to create and informed decision.

Need information about schools, sports, religious facilities, crime, or demographics? Let us help. For example, you may know that a home down the street was on the market for $350,000, but we will know it had upgraded finishes but a leaky basement and sold at $285,000 after 65 days on the market and after twice falling out of conditional sales.


Not finding the house of which you are dreaming? Let us scour the back inventory of non-sold, exclusive, and the people we have talked to recently who have expressed interest in selling soon. In commercial properties, for example, so many properties that are available are not listed. Come into the office, and we’ll drive you around town and point out the opportunities that are available.


Thinking of selling, but not ready for the onslaught of Buyers? Let us check our buying-ready list of contacts to see if we can find an advance sale for you!

3) Always available

The strength of the Oldford Team lies in our tight working group size and constant communication. Whether you are buying or selling, when you need someone available to you who knows what’s happening, a member of the Oldford Team will be here for you. If your realtor is on a course, gets sick, or is out of town for family, who do you have at your disposal? With the Oldford Team, a team partner will be on standby with your detailed situation at the ready. Never be left in a lurch where a purchase or sale opportunity might be missed. We understand this may be the most important acquisition or disposition of assets in your life! We are here to treat you as we wish we would be treated in the same situation.

Those 50+ years of combined time in business? They help in being able to reach local lenders, lawyers, and other service providers outside of regular work hours. Let our long-earned relationship work to your benefit.

4) Experience

Did we mention 50+ years of combined experience in the same geographic area of Ottawa and South to the St. Lawrence River?

With this many local transactions under our belt, our team has seen more than many realtors will in their entire career. Let our historical market knowledge help you understand the value in the unique property you are buying or selling, what was the neigbhourhood before residential, and where are the up & coming areas. Is there local rumblings of proposed hydro projects such as windfarms or solar-panel fields? Zoning changes? Upcoming Development? We’re living and working in this community and we consider it our role to be as informed as possible to be able to provide you the best service.

If we can’t answer a question, we know where to find help. Our experience has enabled long standing relationships with the local government departments, processes, and related service fields. Let’s put the missing puzzle pieces into place, together.

5) Reputation

Nothing keeps a real estate team in business except hard work and the reputation that they are built upon. In rural communities, it can take a lifetime to make a reputation and a few mis-steps to undo it. We live and work in the area and are invested in the process of welcoming you to the area as our friend and neighbour. Ask around to the local lawyers, bankers, and community members – we believe that you will like what you hear. Our business is counting on it!

Our reputation and its benefits extend beyond our interaction with Buyers and Sellers to the connections we make with professionals in related trades. You can benefit from our professional networking among other realtors, inspectors, lenders, lawyers, etc. For example, your needs for a specific property are not being met by the current market inventory – maybe not enough land, outbuildings, space, or perhaps the investment properties are not yielding correct cash flows – let us our network to see what may be coming to market in the near future.


The Importance of the Win-Win

The Oldford Team believes that a satisfied client will refer two or more new clients, whereas an unhappy client will make us lose much more than that; therefore, we have every reason to make certain our clients are happy and satisfied and become our friends and neighbours. Because we enjoy what we do, because our business relies on our reputation, because we have many years ahead of us to look forward to, because we want to be your first call next time…in business, there is nothing better than a win-win relationship. Helping you – it’s what we do!

Double Bonus!

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